DL Wall Mounted Brochure Display Unit

Code: EDLW-Unit

  1. These wall mounted brochure display units provide a large amount of storage space to keep brochure looking neat and organized.
  2. Each row is fully visible, with no overlapping.
  3. Suitable for any type of office or commercial environment.
  4. The units consist of DL size holders, DL brochure holder size: 106mm wide x 38mm deep (Code: EA4W).
  5. Back panel is 3mm thick clear acrylic sheet.
  6. Each unit is shipped fully assembled, easy to install.
  7. Wall mounting hardware included.
Code Back Panel Size DL Holder Qty. Unit Price
EDLW-6X2 Unit 730x530mm 6x2=12pcs $265.00
EDLW-6X3 Unit 730x800mm 6x3=18pcs $315.00
EDLW-5X3 Unit 620x800mm 5x3=15pcs $295.00
EDLW-8X3 Unit 960x800mm 8x3=24pcs $415.00
EDLW-8X4 Unit 960x1070mm 8x4=32pcs $495.00
EDLW-10X3 Unit 1180x809mm 10x3=30pcs $485.00
EDLW-10X4 Unit 1180x1065mm 10x4=40pcs $620.00
EDLW-11X4 Unit 1280x1065mm 11x4=44pcs $680.00
Any other size, Please Email us for a quote.

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DL Wall Mounted Brochure Holder Display Unit (Holder Qty: 8X4 = 32)
3mm Clear Acrylic Back Panel


51 x DL + 8 X A4
3mm Clear Acrylic Back Panel (Size:2000x1200mm)


A5 Wall Mounted Brochure Holder Display Unit (Holder Qty: 15 )
3mm Clear Acrylic Back Panel (size: 880mm widex800mm high)

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