Acrylic Reception Panel Signs - Elevate Your Workspace Impressions

    Welcome to our world of Acrylic Reception Panel Signs, where your office's first impression becomes a work of art. As a pivotal component of your branding strategy, these signs leave a lasting impact on clients and visitors, reflecting your business's unique personality. Our stylish Acrylic Reception Panel Signs feature quality cast acrylic with flame-polished edges, creating a contemporary and attractive appearance that enhances any reception area.

    Explore Two Exceptional Types:

    Type 1 - Acrylic Panel with Vinyl Graphics or Lettering:

    1. Acrylic back panel:6mm or 10mm clear or white acrylic panel with polished edges.
    2. Printed graphics or computer cut vinyl logo and texts on the front.

    Type 2 - Acrylic Panel with 3D Lettering:

    1. Acrylic back panel: 6mm or 10mm clear or white acrylic panel with polished edges.
    2. 3D lettering: 3mm, 6mm or 10mm acrylic individual letters or 13mm crystal acrylic letters fixed on the front.



6mm white acrylic panel with (3+10) mm crystal acrylic letters


Reception Acrylic Panel Sign
(Logo and big letters:stand off mount; Small letters: flush mount)


10mm Clear Acrylic Back Panel, Crystal Acrylic Letters, Stand Off Mount


6mm White Acrylic Back Panel, 10 mm Clear Acrylic Logo & Letters with Vinyl Face,
Vinyl Lettering for Chinese Characters


Panel: 10mm Thick Glossy White Acrylic
Texts: 10mm Black Acrylic Letters and vinyl letters
Butterfly Logo:10mm Clear acrylic base with blue vinyl face


10mm Clear Acrylic Panel with Vinyl Lettering


10mm Clear Acrylic Panel with Printed Graphic on The Back


6mm Clear Acrylic Panel with Vinyl Lettering, Chrome Mounts


Black Acrylic Panel with Mirror Gold Acrylic Letters, Stainless Steel Mounts


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