36" 91cm Due-Use Dry-Erase
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Our large 36" Adjustable Floor Dry Erase Prize Wheel features an adjustable tripod stand for height adjustment to meet your need. It is perfect for holiday activities, trade shows, carnivals, annual meetings, parties etc.



Package Includes:


Q: I'm looking for a prize wheel with 30 slots, can you make it?

A: Yes, we can certainly create a prize wheel with 30 slots. Our unique feature enables us to customize the wheel with any quantity of slots based on your design preferences.

Q: Can you make the slot spaces uneven?

A: Absolutely! Our prize wheels boast a distinctive design capability. We can split the wheel into any number of slots and create spaces that are either even or uneven, tailored to your specific artwork.

Q: What sets your prize wheels apart from other competitors?

A: Our range of prize wheels has been meticulously designed over three years to offer both flexibility and traditional features. Here's what makes them unique:

Large prize wheel

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