Acrylic Sandwich Sign Holders

    Product Features:

  1. The image is sandwiched between two pieces of 3mm acrylic panels.
  2. These acrylic panels are laser cut from cast acrylic sheet, which gives great optical clarity. All edges are polished.
  3. Portait or landscpe mount.
  4. Supply with 4 stand off mounts.

Price List :

Acrylic Sandwich Kits Price List
Image Size
Panel Size
Diagram Acrylic Thickness
210x297-A4 270x357 a4 size acrylic menu boards 3+3 0.49 $45.00
297x420-A3 377x500 a3 size acrylic menu boards 3+3 1.42 $85.00
420x594-A2 500x674 a2 size acrylic menu boards 3+3 2.47 $108.00
594x841-A1 674x921 3+3 4.64 $129.00
Package inclusion 2 acrylic panels with pre-drilled holes
+ 4 Mounts + screws & plugs
Turnaround Time 2 - 4 working days
Acrylic Color Standard Colour clear + clear
Other Options
(Same Price)
Clear + Black
Clear + Red
Clear + Blue
Note: Other sizes are available.

50+ types to choose from, learn more and buy online


Acrylic Sandwich Menu Board
(3+3 clear acrylic panel, A3 size image, four stainless steel stand off mouts; vinyl pricing on the face, easy to change)



A4 acrylic picture frame, 3mm clear + 3mm clear wall mounted

A4 acrylic picture frame with round corner, float mount using 4 stainless steel mounts

A0 poster holder
A0 acrylic picture frame, 4.5mm clear + 4.5mm clear, 6 stainess steel stand off mounts, float-mounted

acrylic sign holder for office
Oval acrylic sign frame, great for DIY any signs, easy to update

50+ type to choose from, learn more and buy online

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