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Discover the perfect addition to your fundraisers, parties, games, and retail promotions with our incredible Prize Wheels. Crafted for fun and engagement, our prize wheels are made of a dry-erase laminate for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Each prize wheel comes with a unique positioning mechanism behind it, producing an excellent clicking sound and ensuring the wheel stays in place once it stops spinning. Choose from our collection, featuring standard sizes of 24", 30", and 36", or customize your prize wheel for a personal touch.

What sets our prize wheels apart is the unique split design feature. Customize the slots according to your preference, even if they're unevenly distributed. Make your events more interactive and exciting with our versatile prize wheels.

Order now and bring a new level of entertainment to your gatherings!

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Q: I'm looking for a prize wheel with 30 slots, can you make it?

A: Yes, we can certainly create a prize wheel with 30 slots. Our unique feature enables us to customize the wheel with any quantity of slots based on your design preferences.

Q: Can you make the slot spaces uneven?

A: Absolutely! Our prize wheels boast a distinctive design capability. We can split the wheel into any number of slots and create spaces that are either even or uneven, tailored to your specific artwork.

Q: What sets your prize wheels apart from other competitors?

A: Our range of prize wheels has been meticulously designed over three years to offer both flexibility and traditional features. Here's what makes them unique:

  1. Unlimited slots design: We can split the wheel into any quantity of slots, even allowing for uneven spacing. Unlike many wheels limited to 14 slots, ours can be fully customized.
  2. Exciting Clicking Sounds: The top flapper and pegs on our wheels create exhilarating clicking sounds, enhancing the fun and atmosphere of your events. Some competitors lack pegs and flappers, resulting in no sound and potential misalignment of slots.
  3. Dry-Erase Surface and Easy Graphic Changes: Our wheels feature a clear acrylic face, allowing you to write on it with a whiteboard marker. Changing your design is a breeze—simply print your new design and insert it between the acrylic face and white PVC board.
Feature Our Prize Wheels Competitors' Wheels
Customization Unlimited slots design; fully customizable Limited to a set number of slots (e.g., 14)
Interactive Experience Exciting Clicking Sounds; Top flapper and pegs Some lack pegs and flappers, resulting in a quieter experience; potential misalignment issues
Ease of Graphics Changes Removable Clear Acrylic; Dry-Erase Surface Clear acrylic panel is fixed, making graphic updates difficult or impossible
Design Flexibility Can split the wheel into any quantity of slots, even unevenly Limited flexibility in slot arrangement

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